CLIA Validation Data for Teiko Bio’s Mass Cytometry Immune Profiling Assay for PBMCs

Recorded Live Webinar September 15, 2023 (12 min. video)

About the Webinar

In this live webinar, Ramji Srinivasan, cofounder and CEO of Teiko Bio, will walk through the precision and stability data for our mass cytometry assay for pan-immune profiling of PBMCs isolated from healthy human clinical samples.

About the Speaker

Before Teiko, Ramji was Cofounder, CEO and Chairman of Counsyl, a women’s health genetic screening laboratory. Counsyl screened over 1M prospective parents, mothers-to-be and women at risk of hereditary cancer. In 2018, Counsyl was acquired by Myriad Genetics, Inc for $375M in cash and stock.

Ramji earned a B.S. in computer science and an M.S. in financial mathematics, both from Stanford University. Ramji also attended Stanford’s Graduate School of Business before dropping out to start Counsyl.

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