The TokuProfile is an end-to-end solution focused on delivering actionable answers to challenging questions involving the immune system. Our pricing is fully inclusive of data-acquisition, in-depth analysis, and all deliverables.

Each of our Industry and Startup & Academic offerings include:

  • TokuProfile base panel (30+ markers)
  • Up to 12 additional channels available for customization
  • Analysis and interpretation summarized in our comprehensive TokuProfile Report

Below pricing is for blood and PBMC analysis. For analysis of dissociated tumor, contact us.


Discounts scale with number of samples analyzed.

1 20 40 60 80 100
Industry Rate

$4,000 / Sample

$46,800 Total $52,000

10% offadd 3 more to save 15%
Discount Terms Apply

For biopharma companies seeking to accelerate their candidate pipeline.

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Startup & Academic Rate

$2,500 / Sample

$32,500 Total $52,000

37.5% off
Discount Terms Apply

For early-stage startups (less than $75M raised) and academic investigators looking to enter the next stage of high-dimensional immune profiling.

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Looking for preliminary data? Give our Starter Package a try.

$10,000 Flat Rate

As a first-time customer, you can analyze 6 blood samples to help guide the next step of your research or therapeutic pipeline. The Starter Package includes:

  • TokuProfile base panel (30+ markers)
  • Up to 4 additional channels available for customization from our wide selection of in-house antibodies
  • Analysis and interpretation summarized in our comprehensive TokuProfile Report
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Flexible Pricing Structures


  • Initiation 10%
  • IND Filing 30%
  • Phase 1 Start 60%

For customers looking for a long-term partner to support their therapeutic pipeline development. Teiko supports milestone agreements for IND filing, cohort studies, and companion diagnostics.

Deferred Payment

  • Initiation 30%
  • Report Delivery 0%
  • Remainder 70% + 20% Premium

For customers looking for data to strengthen their positioning and enrich their pitch decks ahead of a funding round. Teiko supports deferred payment so you can get the data that will get you the funding.

Try Before You Buy

  • Initiation 0%
  • Blinded Report 0%
  • Fee to Unblind 100% + 20% Premium

For customers who believe the proof is in the pudding. Teiko will analyze up to 30 samples for $0 upfront and deliver a final report with blinded subset and marker labels. If you like the data, you pay list price plus a 20% risk-premium to unblind.