About Us

Teiko.bio was founded with a simple purpose: use immune insights to help deliver life changing therapies to those who need them most.

Today, Teiko delivers on its mission by supporting therapy development and informing clinical decision making.

Ramji Srinivasan

Ramji Srinivasan

Cofounder & CEO

Before Teiko, Ramji was Cofounder, CEO and Chairman of Counsyl, a women’s health genetic screening laboratory. Counsyl screened over 1M prospective parents, mothers-to-be and women at risk of hereditary cancer. In 2018, Counsyl was acquired by Myriad Genetics, Inc for $375M in cash and stock.

Ramji earned a B.S. in computer science and an M.S. in financial mathematics, both from Stanford University. Ramji also attended Stanford’s Graduate School of Business before dropping out to start Counsyl.

Matt Spitzer

Matt Spitzer

Scientific Co-Founder

Matt completed his training in Immunology at Stanford University in the laboratories of Garry Nolan and Edgar Engleman. There, he developed experimental and analytical methods to model the state of the immune system using high dimensional single-cell data. At Stanford, he also developed new strategies for inducing powerful immune responses against cancer.

Matt moved to UCSF in the summer of 2016 as a UCSF Parker Fellow and a Sandler Faculty Fellow and is now an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and Microbiology & Immunology and an investigator of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy.

CLIA Registration ID

Teiko’s Clinical Laboratory Inspection Amendments [CLIA] ID Number is 46D2278690