High-dimensional cytometry makes conventional flow look just conventional.

Discover blood-based biomarkers with high-parameter mass cytometry or spectral flow cytometry

Introducing the TokuProfile

The easiest, most reliable high-dimensional cytometry service for clinical trials.

Sample collection

  • Whole blood with our TokuKit
  • Cryopreserved Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs)

Panel Design

  • Validated and customizable immune panels
  • Detection of 25-40+ proteins, covering ~300-840 immune subsets and states

Lab Excellence

  • High-dimensional cytometry experts
  • Gating strategy designers
  • CLIA registered laboratory

High Quality Analysis

  • Online webapp
  • Access to FCS and GatingML files
  • Gated and statistical analyses
  • Unsupervised clustering

Customer Testimonials

I had a great experience working with Teiko in developing a custom CyTOF panel and implementing it in clinical trial samples. They are experts of CyTOF technology, professional, collaborative, and very efficient. I am particularly impressed by their deep expertise in both custom panel development and data analysis.

Yulei Wang Senior Fellow, Translational Medicine-Oncology, Genentech

Communication was seamless and quick. It was just like the Teiko team was across the hall. I especially liked working with Teiko’s webtool, which gave me the ability to play with the data. It felt really comfortable. We were all on the same team. Teiko felt like an extension of my research group.

Shernan Holtan Associate Professor, University of Minnesota

Working with Teiko was smooth from start to finish; we collaborated with their team to build and amend a custom CyTOF panel and they were professional and timely with sample handling and complex bioinformatics data analysis.

Rachel Burga Principal Scientist, Cell Therapy, Obsidian Therapeutics