Mapping immune profiles to improve clinical outcomes

Unlock actionable data tied to real-world patient response.

Introducing the TokuProfileā„¢

Introducing the TokuProfileā„¢

Calculating an immune fingerprint for each patient
  • Immune features associated with response
  • Rational targets for suggested combination
  • Abundance of different immune cell types
  • Activation scores for each immune cell type
Benefits for Biopharma

Benefits for Biopharma

Speed candidates to market through deep immune profiling

Identify non-obvious signatures among patient populations

Leverage immune data to discover new strategies for disease control

Supercharge your mouse models and get to the clinic faster

How It Works

  • With the TokuProfile, Teiko Experts will analyze your cryo-preserved PBMCs or using our rapid on-site protocol.
  • By utilizing a panel of more than 35 markers, you will have access to a highly curated summary sheet of recommendations, expert-level analysis, as well as the the raw data.
  • The TokuProfile will help you discover cellular profiles in patients and characterize response.
A new method for looking in peripheral blood

A new method for looking in peripheral blood

We measure the immune cellular makeup within the blood, analyze the data, and map it to relevant outcomes.