Immune features associated with clinical benefit and adverse events in response to immunotherapy in UC patients

Healy & Sweere et al. Cancer Res (2023)

Poster Highlights

  • To identify cell signatures associated with response and irAE development, we used mass cytometry to characterize the immune system in patients with urothelial cancer receiving aPD-1 therapy.
  • We found several immune features associated with survival, response to immunotherapy and presentation of adverse events
  • While some immune features were only associated with response, others were also associated with irAE.

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Reference citation: Healy CP, Sweere JM, Liang SI, Sigal N, Enrico E, Cheng L, Lucas A, Thompson MA, Da Silva DM, Jarrell JA, Srinivasan R, Spitzer MH, Nguyen N, Spencer CN. Immune features of irAEs and aPD1 response in urothelial cancer patients of the RADIOHEAD study, as detected in blood by mass cytometry immune profiling. 2023. Cancer Res 83 (7_Supplement): 2138. doi: 10.1158/1538-7445.AM2023-2138

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