Senior Engineer | Senior Bioinformatics Engineer

Our mission is to make immune measurement a reality for clinical trials and patients. If we achieve this mission, we will put 100+ years back on the clock for drug developers, physicians and patients, and unlock a $22B market opportunity. Why does it matter whether immune measurement is a reality or not? In short, better chance of success for multimillion-dollar drug experiments that have the chance to save lives. Imagine running the Ozempic trial without a weight scale. That’s the current status quo today for drug development.

We use high-dimensional cytometry to measure the immune state of patients on trial in our Clinical Laboratory Inspection Amendment (CLIA)-registered lab. We’re powering immunotherapy development for $B drug developers and have dozens of happy customers. This role is intended for someone interested in working at the intersection of immunology, data science, and high-speed lab operations. While our job description mentions specialized life science data, we are open to talented software engineers coming in and learning the field.

Sound interesting to you? Read on.


  • Ship timely, reliable code for high-stakes clinical trials
  • Design and perform computational analyses to answer biological questions, such as batch normalization and unsupervised clustering algorithms
  • Implement machine learning techniques to automate boundary detection for cellular populations, also known as “gating” in cytometry
  • Develop analysis methods (and integration testing) to implement production-quality code for data processing and analysis of high-dimensional cytometry data
  • Design and implement interactive visualizations and reports for high-dimensional cytometry data
  • Implement dev-ops, and site reliability engineering to enable agile software development
  • Develop sample-to-answer workflow
  • Collaborate with software engineers and immunologists to build client-facing web apps and internal systems
  • Contribute to product development and customer success


  • No degree required, but proficiency usually demonstrated by getting a Bachelor/Master’s in computer science or computer engineering, or PhD in bioinformatics, computational biology, immunology, or related discipline. If you don’t have an advanced degree, your resume should demonstrate a mastery of concepts.
  • 2+ years’ experience in building production-level software
  • Demonstrated experience with designing and leading analytical pipelines
  • Proficiency in commonly used languages and libraries: Python, R, Typescript, SQL, D3.js, React.js, FastAPI, Docker.
  • Skilled in data engineering
  • Demonstrated experience with building customer-facing web applications
  • Experience with cloud computing platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Experience with best practices in software development, including readable code, version control, unit tests, integration testing, continuous integration, continuous deployment
  • Experience with complex “business-logic” systems, such as Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
  • Nice to have: familiarity with large scale complex scientific datasets. For example high-parameter genomics, mass cytometry, weather data, social media, microscopic imaging, etc.

This role is for in-person work in our lab headquarters in Salt Lake City.