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The TokuProfile web app allows you to engage with, explore, and visualize your data. Check out our newest features on our most recent product update or watch a walkthrough video showing you how to navigate the app using real customer data.

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TokuProfile Web Product Updates (Jan 2024)

Teiko’s Director of Product Management, Dr. Carlos Medina, walks through the many new features of our fully redesigned TokuProfile Web application using real-world customer data from a Phase I study. This data was graciously provided by Dr. Shernan Holtan, Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota.

TokuProfile Product Updates (June 2023)

Dr. Carlos Medina (Assoc. Dir. of Product Management) highlights updated features for our TokuProfile Web using data from our SITC 2022 poster.

TokuProfile Web Demo Walkthrough

Navigate a real customer dataset with Ramji Srinivasan (CEO) and identify immune biomarkers associated with response to cell therapy treatment.