Go Beyond the Tumor

Breakthrough research from Teiko scientists and others shows that Immunotherapies act on the immune system outside the tumor. This action is now measurable in peripheral blood through the TokuProfile.

Understanding how a therapy works at a cellular level can improve trial design and accelerate candidates to approval.

No current immunotherapy biomarkers use information about the immune system outside the tumor.

Immune system outside tumor microenvironment is required for response

Cell publication has shown that when mice treated with a checkpoint inhibitor AND an agent that trapped immune cells in the secondary tissues, the tumor grew. This is a surprising conclusion. Traditionally, scientists believed that the checkpoint inhibitor worked directly on the tumor.


The immune system fights the tumor but is unable to keep the tumor from growing.



When treated with a checkpoint inhibitor, the tumor shrinks. But were immune cells in the blood outside the tumor even needed?



Yes! Researchers paired the original treatment with another drug which traps immune cells in the lymph nodes.

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Accelerate the Pipeline

  • Discovery Mechanism of action
    Mechanism of resistance
    Rational combinations
  • Phase I/II ID response characteristics
    Novel pathway identification
    Rational combinations
  • Phase III Likelihood for Response
    Likelihood for Adverse Events
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Map Characteristics of Response

Map Characteristics of Response

Deep immune profiling enables more complete understanding and informed decision making

TokuProfile identifies:

  • Abundance of different immune cell types
  • Activation scores for each immune cell type
  • Rational targets for suggested combination
  • Immune features associated with response
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Novel Pathway Identification

A TokuProfile™ Can Reveal Unique Insights

Before Teiko.bio

Before Teiko.bio

The assumption is that CD8 T-cells need to be targeted directly. However, this leads to therapy failure.

With Teiko.bio

With Teiko.bio

Profiling reveals that even though CD8 T-cells appear suppressed, the actual issue is with the Dendritic Cells not being active.

After Teko.bio

After Teko.bio

Anti CD40 Therapy Activates Dendritic Cells to create therapy success.

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Pre-Clinical Discovery

Pre-Clinical Discovery

  • Syngeneic Mouse Models

    Applicable for most Immunotherapies

  • Xenograft Mouse Models

    Applicable for CAR-T therapeutics

  • Identify and understand:

    • Mechanism of action
    • Mechanisms of resistance
    • Rational combinations